True Loss

Allah says in the Quran al Karim, in surah al-A’raf in verse 53

‘Do they await except its result? (the fulfillment of the promises made in the Quran) The Day its result comes, those who had ignored it before will say ‘The messengers of our Lord had come with the truth, so are there (now) any intercessors to intercede for us or could we be sent back to do other than what we used to do do?’ They will have lost themselves, and lost from them is what they used to invent’

I want to cry when I read this verse… What is any of us waiting for? For Allah’s ‘Shin’ to be revealed? For the clouds to part like doors and the Angels to descend? For the seas to erupt and the mountains to vanish?

Allah says ‘and certainly We have diversified in this Quran for the people from EVERY KIND OF EXAMPLE, but man has ever been, most of anything prone to dispute 18:54

La Hawla wala Quwatta ila bi Allah… Subhanahu wa Ta’ala… Lailaha ila Allah… Rabbul’Arshi al Majid!



Read the following… Note the color coding… What are your thoughts?




And all faces will be humbled before the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of existence. And he will have failed who carries injustice (sin or wrong-doing towards Allah or His creation). Taha (20:111)

My thoughts as I read this verse: Ya Allah humble me now, accept my devotion to You, accept my submission and dedication. Help me to worship You, exalt You, seek You, praise You, thank You, and return to You, always and forever ameen. Help me not to go astray nor to falter and keep the flame of my faith shining strongly, increased by any adversity, and humbled with gratitude and patience ameen.

Good Manners


I’ve spent the past couple of days looking deeds that are heavy on the scale and easy on the effort on this Dunia (yes I know… my laziness surfacing here!!). Anyway, as it turns out, the heaviest action on the scales of yawmul qiyamah is not what you would think mashaAllah alhamdulillah.


Anas (RA) said,
“I served Rasulullah (SAW) for ten years. During that time, he never once said to me as much as ‘Oof’ if I did something wrong. Henever asked me, if I had failed to do something, ‘Why did you not do it?,’ and he never said to me, if I had done something wrong, ‘Why did you do it?”

The Prophet (SAW) said, “I guarantee a house in the highest part of Jannah for one who has good manners” (Abu Dawud)

Abu Hurairah reported that Rasulullah (SAW) said,
“And what is most likely to send people to Paradise?
Being conscious of Allah and Good manners.”


Abu Hurairah (RA) said that Rasulullah (SAW) said,
“If one has good manners, one may attain the same level of merit as
those who spend their nights in prayer.”


Good manners cost nothing and are worth everything.

So simple yet so complex. How are our manners subhanAllah. Are we kind, generous, forbearing, patient? Are we careful of trusts, keep our promises, do not cause undue stress to others? Are we forgiving of faults, overlooking of short comings, calm in difficult situations? Are we gentle, soft spoken, inclusive, approachable, welcoming, easy going?

Having good manners is not just when you have over a guest you really like and the two of you ‘click’. It is good of course to have good manners in such a nice situation alhamdulillah. But we must have good manners across the board.

With our parents for starters. Are we obedient, helpful, refraining from loosing our tempers, gentle, kind, cheerful, and generally good children who do not bring harm, stress, and bad feelings to the hearts of our fathers and mothers?

With our spouses too, are we forgiving, forbearing, patient, merciful? Do we hold our tongues, keep in mind their sacrifices and efforts, calmly and kindly bear their ways which we may disagree with? Do we make the effort to please them? Do we sacrifice with good cheer? Are we tender, helpful, reliable, and most importantly sincere?

With our children also, are we gentle and patient? Do we overlook and forbear their faults and sometimes ungratefulness (due to ignorance, never malice alhamdulillah)? Do we sacrifice with the happy smile to them now that they are older as we did when they were babies in our arms? Are we teaching them by example, being good role models, living the talk of good manners?

What about to the society at large, in our neighborhood, with our peers, and so on and so forth? Do we have and display good manners?

Do we even know what good manners are or what they entail for that matter?

InshaAllah lets make some efforts to perfect this very heavy deed in the sight of Allah by embodying the best manners we can muster and training ourselves to be better at it everyday inshaAllah.

Here is a dua to loby straight to our Lord, in regards to our manners inshaAllah…


When in salaat… you are sitting in front of the Majestic, an exalted presence… the fact that He has welcomed you to the gathering, blessed you with such an honor… feel it, embrace it, internalize it, know you are truly blessed, a chosen among the chosen… do not deride it, do not ignore it, do NOT MISS IT!!

Further… in that sitting, you have the ‘ear’ of the all and most powerful being…you can ask of Him and He will exalt you with His answer, He will honor you with His reply, He will Bless you with the hearing of it, the recording of it, and the manifesting of it if it is of benefit to you, and if not, He will protect you from the harm of it and may grant you what is better than that!! What a Generous Lord, the Most Kind, the Bestower…

You are blessed to be Muslim, a chosen one, a human elevated… given a precious chance to raise yourself with His special and protective help, into places of wonder, a Mulkan Naimah!… Don’t muck around the leavings of this earth, all of which are passing fancy and a brief enjoyment… Rise my beloved sister/brother, become who you were meant to be, and do not let the glitter that is NOT gold arouse your eye and lead you astray, that proverbial dangling carrot that you can never reach because it is not reality, nor true… simply an image to entice and excite…

When in salaat… you are sitting in front of the Creator of all that you behold and much of what you do not and cannot. Do comport yourself in a manner befitting such a Power. Do address Him with His beautiful speech that He has taught you, and make effort before you meet Him to learn it, memorize it, apply it, teach it, be one with it in your heart and limb. Dress properly with what He has blessed you with, call upon Him and praise Him (in rukuu and sajda), let His Nur fill you, open your heart wide and deep to receive from Him all that will benefit you. For it is guaranteed that whatever He, the Exalted shares with you, will be of the greatest benefit inshallah, if you but let it imbue your spirit and breath life into your day’s hopes and intentions…

You are blessed…Allah gave you ears, eyes and heart, to hear the call, to see the time is right, to understand about salaat and its obligations and its beautification points… hasten to your mat, hasten to your closet, hasten to your special spot, hasten and meet the Lord of Mankind, the Owner of everything, the Just, the Ruler, al Karim… Be thankful, be alert, be prepared, be humble…Reach for Him and He will embrace you, come at speed to your call, become a part of your intentions and actions…you will be counted among His beloved and when the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth loves you, and you have Him at your corner… what else can matter, who else can affect you, no matter their machinations?

Hasten to Salaat… Hasten to Success… Hearken to the call of your Lord… You will find Mercy, Wisdom, Contentment, and Success bi’idhiAllah..

I’m a cloud…


It is He Who sendeth the winds like heralds of glad tidings, going before His mercy: when they have carried the heavy-laden clouds, We drive them to a land that is dead, make rain to descend thereon, and produce every kind of harvest therewith: thus shall We raise up the dead: perchance ye may remember. 

(  سورة الأعراف  , Al-Araf, Chapter #7, Verse #57)

I’m a cloud not aimlessly drifting in the sky but gently being guided in the vast sky of Allah. For I have a purpose and together with my sisters I will achieve a humbling legacy that will benefit all those it is blessed to touch, same way as rain blesses the parched earth and calls forth from it abundance that beautifies and nourish as well as enrich in a variety of ways. And just like the clouds pass away so will I, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to benefit and b of value for as long as Allah wills inshallah.

I submit myself to the Will of Allah and will hear, obey and follow where I’m directed in order to be one of the soldiers of Allah, fulfilling His plans upon His creation.

I’m Happy


It is a rainy week in Algiers, Algeria and very cold, with thunder and lightning and even rainbows mashaAllah. It also means faulty electricity, in addition to the unexpected water shut offs for regular homes like ours alhamdulillah.

Yet I’m happy. And if you know me, that should be amazing. I hate rainy times because I feel hemmed in. I hate the cold because I feel frozen into inactivity. I hate dark and gloomy because my mood becomes a reflection of the weather and I become like the turtle, curled into his house.

So the fact that I am happy and feeling good should amaze you. So why am I so happy. Because Allah created me. Me. Little old me. The regular, not special, daughter of fulan, living in a certain country, having non descript talents that she barely knows how to use. Yes that is me.

Or is it?

Why would Allah bother to create me? To create you? What is so special about either one of us, about any of us? Why bring us to being anyway? Especially since He is going to cause us to die, then resurrect us, only to put us in a fire as punishment for a selfish life lived….

Do you see how we decry our Lord? How petty we make Him? It is disbelief, hidden deep within our actions and living subhan’Allah.

This all powerful being took the time to fashion us, place us within our mothers whom He chose specifically, bring us to the light of day when many He causes to pass away before they have entered this world. Then He nourished us, helped us to grow tall and strong, allowed and helped us to learn and evolve into the adults that we are today.

All for nothing right? That’s what we would like to believe. That there is no purpose. Or better yet, that there is no Creator and Fashioner behind who we are today. We would like to DENY Him, and denying Allah is Kufr.

How would we be denying Him? By attributing our successes to ourselves, our achievements to ourselves, our very living to ourselves. There are many scenarios and situations we can make some time to imagine, along with their consequences. Things that truly came to us and into our lives miraculously. Situations that we had no control over but a ‘saving hand’ appeared and we turned out ok or the event turned out ok. Therefore, do not deny your Lord, your Lord and my Lord and the Lord of the Universe and all that is created.

Know that Allah made each of us specifically. That He has great hopes for each of us. That He has and will send to and for us innumerable opportunities to turn back to Him. One of them is as-Salaat. Five times a day we have the opportunity to turn our faces to Him and offer thanks and be in the company of the exalted inshaAllah. Another is dua, which is open 24/7 till you take in your last breath. Dont waste this opportunity. Converse with your Lord, He is ever close, the All Hearing.

So me, I’m happy because I feel blessed. Allah chose to make me. He blessed me in numerous ways from the very cells that make up me, to the knowledge, understanding, intellect, emotions, experiences, lessons from failures and successes, and so much else I cant even fathom to be able to write about.

How can I not be happy. How can I not be thankful and feel full and blessed and enriched, fully enveloped within the cradling warmth of Allah, my Rabb, my Cherisher and Sustainer?

I’m thankful. Despite the rain and the gloom, I recognize Allah in every rain drop, in every cloud that hovers, in every thundering cry of the heavens, and in every lightning bolt. Today I got rained on, well yesterday now alhamdulillah. I’m reminded of a saying in Swahili that whoever praises the rain has been rained upon and it is true. But why is it true? Because from my Lord comes the rain, it nourishes the land and livestock, it washes our houses, cars and streets clean. It washes the atmosphere clean. It is an answer to desperate prayers made by masses on their foreheads at many mosques here in Algeria. It is a bounty from Allah. It is reassurance that Allah will answer the sincere prayers. It is a confirmation that He is always Hearing and most able in Answering.

Happiness for me is knowing my Lord, resting in Him, trusting in Him, relying upon Him. I find the greatest comfort upon waking and whispering the name of my Lord. I find the greatest comfort before I fall into the oblivion of sleep in whispering my Lord’s name, putting in Him my trust that He will care for my soul and my affairs while I’m essentially dead. I find it a great comfort that when I do die for truth, that I will be that one step closer to meeting Him, my Creator, Provider, Sustainer, Cherisher, Fashioner…

May Allah put in our hearts contentment. Ameen.

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