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I recently read a book called Fascinating Womanhood by David Coory, and was so impressed by the material presented therein that I thought it imperative to share. My disclaimer is that its a free book written by a Christian author and therefore reflects this but this does nothing to detract from the book mashallah. While reading, I just plugged in the right Quran verse or Sunnah/Hadith and voila, everything made even more sense mashallah.

I recommend every woman reads this book, but most especially the married ones and within this group, especially those who are struggling in their marriage. Every marriage has room for improvement and this book will benefit for sure inshallah.

As an aside, being Muslim and not having read the bible in-depthly, I was really struck by the many similarities in the quotes given about marriage and love, raising a family, being chaste, connecting to and basing one’s marriage upon God, etc. With the exception of considering Jesus (alayhe salaam/Peace Be Upon Him) as God/son of God, I found the duas (prayers) made in the book and the references to be really good advice in general mashallah. Though it was just easier to read the book without the biblical references or just plug in from the Islamic sources mashallah.

I hope you will read it because its really a great book, even if my belief system does not mesh with the author’s.


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