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Update of Fundraiser


By the Permission of Allah, and all the Praise and Thanks belong to Him, we were able to raise 800 Pounds mashaAllah. Thank you to everyone who participated, either with their hearts, their words, and/or their efforts.

I was so happy to be a part of this event and so very and deeply happy to be a Muslim subhanAllah.

We are still collecting funds for our brothers and sisters in Ghaza so if you are able, please do keep sending in your donations. Please donate any amount you wish, even just $1 or pound would add tremendously and as we all know, little by little surely makes a lot. I would remind sisters to please purify your intention first and to also ask forgiveness for yourself and others and ask for Allah’s acceptance before making your donation, no matter how small you view it, in the sight of Allah, it is great and in the sight of our sisters and brothers, it is invaluable subhanaAllah.

If you would like to donate, please send funds to ahjirasa@yahoo.co.uk (so long as you have a paypal (its free and very easy to set up mashaAllah), the money will go from your account to mine and will reach the brothers taking it on time inshallah.

You may also donate your money into

Name – AIMS-UK
Bank – HSBC
Sort Code – 400718
Account Number – 91303953

May Allah allow us to offer help to our brother and sisters and bring victory to our struggles as Muslims ameen.



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I love the UK when it comes to the sheer number and diversity of events that happen for and in the Muslim community mashaAllah. Truly astounding and gift from Allah, and all Praise belongs to Him of course.

So there is a convoy (mini I think) that is leaving for Ghaza on the 20th of January and will be carrying a variety of goods, mostly clothing and medicine though inshaAllah. DH told me about it, I told some of my sisters here and voila, here’s our upcoming effort inshaAllah. All proceeds to Ghaza Convoy inshaAllah.

Please click on the image to enlarge. Fell free to copy and share/distribute.



Beauty and Pampering Day in Arabic



Beauty and Pampering Day for Sisters Only

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