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O’Allah, in reciting surah Al Fatiha, let me benefit thusly and more inshallah.

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

With the name of Allah, the merciful so that He created all of creation and sustains it and the merciful so that He benefits those who turn to Him with humbleness and in truth, seeking only His face, cognizant of their faqeer (needy/poor/destitute/not owning anything) state, and thankful that He is there to rest their weary souls upon.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘Alameen

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, are for Allah alone, the Lord and Sustainer and Cherisher of all the creation. All the Hamd belongs to Him, is only for Him, and deserves only to be used in relation to Him.

He created all of creation, He sustains it and maintains it with power, everyday He brings matter to light and takes matters to darkness. How powerful and majestic is Allah!

Ar Rahmani r-Raheem

He is merciful, to His creatures who wrong Him, to all and sundry, freely and completely merciful, never ever expecting something back nor requiring it nor desiring it.

Maaliki yaumid-Deen

Ownder of the day of judgement, the day He created out of His mercy to His creatures and creation in general. On that day He will rectify wrongs, He will punish those who deserve and save those He is pleased with. On that day, He will free those that were worshipped but did not ask for this worshipping nor were they pleased with it from those who worshipped them; and He will cast into the fires of Hell those who were worshipped at their own behest or who found themselves being worshipped and loved this state and worked to further this state as much as possible. It is the day of sorting, of humiliation, it is the day where everything will end and everything will begin, for eternity. It is a day when all wrongs will be set to right, when everyone will be rewarded according to their intentions and actions, where none will be wronged. It is a day, created from the Mercy of Allah, reflecting the Mercy of Allah, and a day that testifies to the Mercy of Allah, because only the Most Merciful would create such a day of accounting that even the female girl, buried alive, against her say will be given her right and made to be happy and loved again, after she had felt so hated and worthless on account that her parents left her to die of suffocation in a dark cold grave. Oh how my hands are trembling to write this… that is great day in deed and only exists as another proof of the Mercy of my Lord.

Iyyaka na’abudu wa iyyaka nastae’en

Only You do we worship and only You do we seek from. Because You are the possessor of Mercy and because You have created this day of sorting where some will rejoice and others will be cast into misery, because You are so Powerful and Majestic and all Praise is only for You anyway, and You are the only true Mercy and all Mercy is because You are so merciful and everything is because You are or You have ordained, we then turn ourselves to worship only to You, giving rights only to You, doing everything only for You, submitting ourselves, humbling ourselves, openly realizing our neediness and insignificance in front of You. Further, only You do we seek Help from. Help because You are Merciful and will provide it and help us from the wrongs of our living day to day so as not to be debased on that day of standing, that day when only You and what You will can and will be done. We worship you to the exclusion of ourselves and our desires and we seek only from You, trusting only in You, realizing that none else can help us or even understands the depth of our need at all.

Ihdina siraatul mustaqeem

Guide us to the straight path, the true path, the path that leads to your mercy, the one that will cause us to be among the rejoicers, the freed ones, and the saved ones on that day where everything will be accounted and avenged. The path of truth, the one that you have spoken about in Your Book, the only true path, the path of the victorious party, the path that will save from Your Wrath and Punishment and the path that will cause Your Pleasure to descend upon us Inshallah.

Siratal ladheena ana’amta ‘alayhim

The path where You have guided those whom you are Pleased with, those whom You have bestowed Your Mercy upon and saved them from the fire and so made them to be righteous in this world, to be truthful, to sacrifice their wealth and selves for you, and to be leaders and guiders and bearers of glad tidings and warners for the masses. Like the Prophets and the siddiqun and the muttaqun and the mujahidun. The path of those who keep to their promises, who are patient in trial and ease, who are merciful and humble, who give what they love for the sake of dispelling your anger against their iniquities and failings, the path of those who willingly sacrifice, those who are content only when immersed in the Love of You.

Ghayril maghdhubi ‘alayhim wala dhaaaaleen

Not the path of those whom Your anger is upon, who have earned your anger by their actions, who have rejected You and what You have commanded after having known You. Not the path of persistent wrong doers, the deniers, the two faced liars, those who rejoice at misguidance, who blantantly refuse guidance, who make fun of the believers, who rejoice at the weakness of believers, who perpetrate oppression at believers, who have gone from the extreme of Your love to the extreme of Your anger/wrath.

Nor to the path of those who have gone astray, whom their desires and love of self have caused them to prefer that over your path. Those who speak about you what they know not, who are steeped in the love of intellectualism and philosophy, who make partners with You, who dedicate their love at other than You, who have left the path, only to wonder in darkness, deaf and blind, from the Nur that is You.

Please ya Allah, answer my dua, make it sincerely for you, forgive me when I err and make mistakes, make me humble in seeking you and truthful in my humility. Help me to accept your guidance and to act upon it with sincerity and humbleness.



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