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I didn’t get to record my thoughts yesterday. It was a bit busy. I had to go out two times mashaAllah. In the morning we went to the city to the police to process my iqamah (residency permit). We got there on time but it turns out they don’t process it till Sunday! Yeah! So we took advantage and did a bit of shopping for some things that I need now that I’m staying at my in-laws.

Then later after the kids ate and we prayed, we went out to check out the progress of our house mashaAllah. Its moving quite rapidly if you think about it mashaAllah so Alhamdulillah. The bathroom was halfway done, the toilet, not at all, the corridor mostly done, the floor is all done except for the outer kitchen and the doors/windows aren’t done at all.

We agreed on where to place the electrical outlets and a few other things, and dh went to get something that sounds like seemoncol  which is used to glue the tiles to the wall/floor.

When we got home, there were other things, what with breastfeeding, taking care of the kids, reading my quran, etc. Then it was iftar time, cleaning up, setting up the bedding, encouraging kids to sleep, praying… therefore, no time to write at all.

So here I am updating today inshallah

Yesterday was super hot so it was all about ‘shaaling the climatizo’ (turning on the air conditioner). Weather wise, today it’s the same. We also went out today. We went to visit my dh’s paternal grandfather and mother, who are currently bed bound and need 24/7 care, especially the grandmother (let’s call her Nunny and him Jaddy). They are living with their youngest son who just recently married a lovely sister who used to be a widow with two (fully grown) girls mashaAllah.

I do think it’s a lot for her to take one but she is definitely a helper for him in this endeavor may Allah bless and reward her. So we visited for just a bit but obvisouly could not stay because they both have a lot to do to care for the house and their two patients, while fasting, and still having to prepare a proper iftar and sahoor. Here, there are no places where you can put your elderly with very few exceptions, and many a family (like my inlaws) would rather gain the ajar than put their elderly somewhere else. It is anathema to them mashaAllah.

However, having grown up in America, I think there is something to be said for elder community homes and geriatric hospice care. Even more so when I see the newly married sister and her husband struggling to care for the elderly pair and with very little outside help (I mean other family members). Especially when helpful materials like incontinence pads and other descreete things are hard to come by.

Otherwise, the fasting is normal. Today I do feel a bit hungry, yesterday I was mostly thirsty, especially when we were driving on the highway and my husband was quipping about the driving style here, saying there is a ramadhan lane and a suicidal lane. Its funny to me but also very true. Driving in Algiers means taking your life in your hands and tawakulling Allah because there are no guarantees that you’ll make it back. There are few traffic laws, the speed limit is 80 so people of course drive at the minimum of 80, and everyone cuts, weaves in and out, and generally work hard to create chaos on the high way. However, we manage to get from a to b mashaAllah so Alhamdulillah.

Well that’s it. My BIL is back so I’m back to sitting in my full out covering mashaAllah. It’s a hassle so I’m praying really hard to have my house done asap inshallah. I was hoping to spend a quality Ramadhan there but those dreams had to be readjustedJ however, so far, so good mashaAllah and we are thankful for everything Alhamdulillah

Well, duty calls so I’m off.


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