Lets talk for just a moment as real close friends would, with openness and truth, intending only good things for the other inshaAllah…

You see, for the person who leaves as-salaat, the obligatory (beautiful) prayer, while calling themselves a Muslim… how can that be? How can you call yourself a Muslim when you do not submit, when you physically deny your body, created by Allah, its pinnacle and peak of being, which is to serve Allah?

Can there be a parent who calls himself loving to his children yet never ever touches them, never ever hugs them, never ever provides for them anything, never ever comes close to them, wipe their tears, help them, kiss them, never ever sees them? Never! Such a parent would be the antithesis of a loving parent. Everyone will say that parent cares naught for his children. They will say he has failed as a parent and does not deserve to be called a parent to his children.

So how can the person who claims to be Muslim, to love Allah and follow the Rasul of Allah (salallahu alayhe wasalaam), to submit to the law and intent of Islam (being a Muslim means accepting and practicing Islam… that is being a Submitter means Submitting to….)

So again, how can a Muslim, a Submitter to Allah refuse to pray? refuse to make wudhu, refuse to stand, bow, and prostrate as he has been commanded? What kind of submission is that?

If you are Muslim, if you have chosen Islam as a way of life, if you wish to love and worship Allah, to submit yourself to Him, to worship Him, to reach Him safely, if you wish to deserve His Jannah, if you wish to avoid His Jahannam, if you want Him to look at you on the day of Judgement… you better do that simple act of submission… you better get your body into the prescribed positions, you better put that forehead on Allah’s ground and beg Him to accept your effort and submission!

Dont fool and blind yourself please.

Anyone who feels real love in their heart, for anything in this world, even if it be a piece of sandals, must show it. If it is a pair of sandals they would admire it, they would buy it and wear it, they would pair it with the best outfits, they would be careful with that pair of sandals, etc

So if you claim to be something, then live it! If you a Muslim, LIVE IT! Be Muslim, show the world, dont be faint of heart, dont hide, dont back down. You are on Allah’s earth not another person’s earth. You have as much right on this earth, anywhere as anyone else. This earth belongs to Allah. Do not fool yourself and hide from the truth and seek false comfort and platitudes.

Pray. Submit. Be Muslim.



You know, I feel that people are insistently blind, purposefully so subhan’Allah. Islam, simply put, is Submission. Submission by default cannot be about rage or anger or hurting others.

The haters, party of Shaytan are determined to malign this beautiful religion, this beautiful name of Islam/Submission…
They will fail, this party of Shaytan, party of Darkness, party of Hate and Misguidance
They will fail, they ARE failing by the Grace of Allah
The more they publicize Islam as a religion of hate and hurt, the more people hear about it… Now, there isn’t a square inch that has not heard about Muhammad, RasulAllah, may Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him and about his beautiful wonderful uplifting life changing message mashaAllah… Now there are more Muslims in the world than ever before, and the rate of conversion/reversion is unprecedented. Subhan’Allah we are at age that the Muslim doesnt have to do anything to bring Islam to the masses like our brethren before mashaAllah… they hear about it from the Media and they learn about it at their own behest from the recorded words of Allah (the Quran) and from the numerous books that are written by Muslims for Muslims mashaAllah…
Of course a lot of misunderstanding is also spread and not all books are sahih… but look my dearest brothers and sisters… Allah is bringing Islam to the people of the world, giving them that chance to learn and be saved subhanAllah and shaytan is doing his best to corrupt and misguide, may Allah’s Wrath forever cover him ameen.
Let us Muslims be the best Muslims we can be, lets re-learn our religion, lets re-find our pride in following and applying the Truth, lets fill our hearts and lives with the Light of Allah, lets submit ourselves fully inshallah and Allah will do the rest for sure.
Know that what shaytan and his party fear the most is that people wont listen to them, wont follow them, that they will end up in Jahannam alone, having failed to spread to others the torment that will cover them (misery does love company).
What you see today steams from that fear and their desperate efforts are all concentrated upon adding to their numbers… as if this will hurt Allah or this will hurt the true Muslim. Be a true Muslim. Stand up and be counted. Live your Submission to the Most Merciful out loud. And spread the Light, spread the Truth, spread the Justice bi’dhnillah.
I’m with the truth and love mongers, for they love Allah and I love Allah. I’m with peace spreaders for they follow the Messenger of Allah (salallahu alayhe wasalaam) and I follow the Messenger of Allah (salallahu alayhe wasalaam).

Blesssed Umrah


Today I went to visit a lovely sister I have grown to love and appreciate mashaAllah, who has just returned from Umrah (a smaller, shorter, less strenuous, less exacting,  and less demanding form of Hajj) mashaAllah.

She spoke about her experience, her impressions and feelings, and the after effects of this wonderful journey mashaAllah. I was moved to tears. Not because she waxed poetic on what she saw, felt, or experienced. I was moved because to me she FELT changed mashaAllah, she FELT blessed, purified, honored, grown! Her words painted a picture of a heart submitted, readied for change, fully malleable and ready to serve to Allah… a heart ready to go the distance and sacrifice this Dunia for al Akhirah!. I fell in love with my Muslim sister all over again and with the journey to Allah all over again and with the blessing of performing Umrah and Hajj for Allah’s sake ALL. OVER. AGAIN!

It was she who went on the journey  mashaAllah yet I felt through her words that Allah showed me a bit of what his marvelous journey could do to a heart ready, willing and seeking to serve and submit to Allah subhanahu wa taala.

I’m now joyous to apply some of the lessons she brought back from her experiences. I’ma also ‘welling’ up inside with a tidal wave of desire to visit baytullah in Makkah, to feel the deep peace that envelops Madinatul Munawar, to drink the Zam Zam water from the source and not a bottle inshallah, to pray in the Rawdha and inshallah be blessed to smell the Musk of Jannah…

ya Allah, I ask You, by Your Mercy and Grace, please open the doors of Hajj and Umrah for me in the near future. Allow me manifest knowledge that my time for it is coming and help me to purfy my heart and prepare my mind and emotions to visit these sacred sights, without prejudice, arrogance, envy, nor a hard heart or even an atom’s worth of hypocrisy or pride inshallah. And bless me before the journey, through the journey, and after the journey with Your treasured blessings, forgiving me completely and protect me from ever straying or loosing faith again inshaAllah.

You are the Lord of Power, Most Able, the Owner of Everything, the Bestower, the Giver, the Enabler. Tawakaltu alayka wa Aslamtu liwahji ilayka. Please accept and answer my sincere and earnest dua. Ameen, thuma ameen.

If there was no Hell


So I was reading something and the lady in it noted something that made me pause and do some thinking and here I am about to write about it inshallah…

If there was no Hell and no Heaven, what would living be like? Meaningless is the answer because there would just be random chaos, senseless things that have no purpose. Our life would hold no purpose. What would be the point of striving or trying again or sacrificing or working hard.

No matter how much we love and value material things, it is really the abstract that drives us, the ephemeral that we cant touch, be in good or bad, positive or negative. We do our best in our given situations so that we can attain happiness (an abstract concept), so we can feel content, so we can feel better than our neighbors, so we can win, so we can be on top, so we can prove wrong those naysayers, so we can be considered hard working and praiseworthy, etc etc etc…

The material gains that we strive and sacrifice and work hard for are just steps to our real goals. They are not the why behind our efforts. Why do we want a bigger house, a faster transport, a longer vacation, better health, stronger bodies, more money in the bank, more resources, etc? It is because the bigger, better, stronger, longer, faster, healthier…the ‘more’ will allow us to fulfill a vision that is driving us.

Every human is like this internally, feels this way, has this intention inside. Even those who disbelieve entirely in Allah have this idea that there is something better out there that if you sacrifice and work hard for it, you will get. Such as the Budhists’ concept of Nirvana, the Christians’ of Hell/Heaven, the Atheists’ Happiness and Satisfaction… No human being works for works’ sake, it is the ephemeral feelings, ideas, and concepts that are their purpose for all the sacrifice they willingly give.

If there was no Hell and no Heaven, life would be meaningless, purposeless. Random chaos would rule, free will would mean absolutely nothing. The world as we know it would not exist at all. When we really take a bit of time and look, all will realize that this world is full of sense and full of rules and full of purpose. The sun shines for a reason. The clouds have a purpose. The beautiful sunset and the powerful tsunamis have a reason behind them and something driving them and a purpose to them. The mass murder has a purpose in his mind that he is diligently working towards.

We may not agree, we may not understand, but the purpose is there and it is what drives occurrences around us. We may choose the path of least resistance, may choose to do nothing, to not follow any particular course, to not strive for anything, to just exist but even in that, we have a purpose, a reason, a goal, a focus.

Those who purport that life ends at the point of death are truly delusional in a way I do not think I had grasped before. It is impossible for them to think this and be in their rational minds. Logically speaking, it is impossible to understand their argument. That after the careful design of the person, the power needed to birth him, the provisions needed to sustain and help him to grow, the resources that have gone into bringing one human through the full cycle of living, he will suddenly stop breathing and everything is ended. Only the one who is denial and purposely chooses blindness can possibly declare such foolish notions out loud and fight to uphold them! The idea that our life is meaningless, creation is meaningless, living itself is meaningless and there is no consequence whatsoever to any of our deeds, good or bad.

A child knows with certainty that actions have consequences attached to them in proportion to the action done. If he pushes another child, either that child will retaliate or the parents/guardians will scold, or some removal of privilege will occur… something!! The more the child learns about the world around him as he grows, the more certain he becomes that his choices and actions bear a price and he is the one who determines if what will befall him will be good or will not be so good.

How then can a fully grown person turn around and say, no there is no consequence, there is not accountability for any actions whatsoever, there is no meaning really to living so do whatever and know it will all be for absolutely nothing at the end of it. Further if we were to ask such people holding this belief that there is no after life and no consequences/ accountability to their actions a simple question as a test, they will wake up in their minds for just the briefest moment the willful stubbornness reasserts itself. The simple question can be something like, when you drink enough liquids, what happens after a time? The answer is obvious, after a time one will feel the urgent need to void their bladder. So then what will happen if you were to deny this need and ignore it, over and over again, each time you feel this need? The answer is obvious, you will loose your control at some point, your body taking over and voiding itself without regard to your wishes, location, preferences, etc.

So then what is this scenario? Is it the scenario that one can really do as they wish in life? How about another simple easy question. What happens if you decide to take people’s things whenever the fancy overtakes you, and you continue to do this action whenever and however, without mind you, running away or hiding. Just walking by and seeing a trinket you fancy so you walk up to the person and without a by your leave, you take it and keep walking….? First of all, can you do this? If not, why not? The answer is simple and unavoidable, because there are consequences to our actions, to our choices, and there is accountability.

Now, if that accountability is not on this earth as for many situations we see that it is often not. When are the consequences going to happen if for some reason they did not happen in our life time? When are people going to be held accountable and paid back for their efforts/works, whether good or bad? The answer is should be clear and plain as day following night. There has to be a time in the future that we cannot see, reach, touch, experience right now when all will be laid bare and all will be accountable and consequences for actions and choices imposed.

We are creatures living on borrowed time, one day we will meet our Creator and to Him we will bring the entirety of ourselves, willingly or unwillingly and at that time, we will come face to face with our choices and our actions and we will have to deal with the outcome of those. That is reality. That is truth. That is certain. That is evident. That is a forgone conclusion and a matter proven to yourself daily, as you live, as you breath, as you interact with others, as you witness those around you and your surroundings…

There is a time of reckoning and it is fast approaching, as fast as your death day and hour. There is no avoiding it. So examine your life, examine your purpose, examine reality and find your way out of any delusions your mind has cultivated in an effort to escape consequences and accountability. Face reality, hold yourself accountable, learn the consequences of your choices and your actions and rectify what is needed so your future will be as happy as you imagine, as relaxed and secure as you hope, as fulfilling as your hard work and sacrifices search for and imagine.


So I’ve been thinking the above thought and thought I’d get it down for reminder purposes inshallah. We often get cocky when we are doing good things, things that we know Allah likes. Fasting, giving to charity, helping people, praying all our prayers and on time, biting our tongues against anger expression, not talking about people behind their backs, etc. These are all good things mashaAllah but just a reminder and a warning to all good people out there…

Lets not think ourselves accomplished because of have ‘good character’ and doing ‘good things’ that help people. Our deeds will be weighed one day and only the deeds that were done with the right intention (to please Allah) and in the right manner (following Allah’s commands/laws) will be heavy. And that only if we dont turn around and ‘crow’ about the accomplishments after they are done inshallah. And may Allah Help us ameen.

Sometimes we genuinely forget to mind our manners in front of the All Great but we should act in the right manner as soon as we can, and not forget to give credit where credit is due inshallah. Allah is the Giver and Provider, all things we have or not are from Him. Everything we will ever get in our life time, every accomplishment, and every useful aspect of everything is from Allah. Him, by His Grace and Mercy, guiding us, providing for us, helping us, supporting us, etc, to acquire, to gain, to grow, to achieve, to become more and better than what we were before inshallah.

So I urge myself to remember and to strive to not forget inshallah that it is not my deeds that are great and amazing but the Lord who made it all possible, who is amazing and great. I am who I am because He has and continues to give me, to bless me, to be there for me, to guide and show me, to help me, to protect me and so many other things. I could not advance one breath let alone one step or one extra moment of living without Him and the gift of life and the provisions He has showered upon me alhamdulillah.

The Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhe wasalaam even reminded us that it will not be because of his (salatu wasalaam’s) deeds that he will be allowed to enter Jannah, but because of the Mercy of Allah that Allah that will open those gates and admit him (salatu wa salaam), the best of all creation, into His Jannah subhanallah. And we know the deeds of RasulAllah salallahu alayhe wasalaam were great and many and varied and superbly executed and as near to flawless as a human being can get alhamdulillah. Yet even he (salatu wa salaam) did not rely upon his deeds but upon the Mercy of Allah, subhanahu wa taala…

Let us not be fools who listen to the shaytan when he whispers to our innermost hearts that we have achieved our greatness because of our own efforts and insight and ability and overall superior attitude, knowledge and effort. Only a fool listens to the shaytan, follows his footsteps and runs towards a fire that is burning black hot at this very moment! A fire that is so angry on behalf of Allah’s Honor being impinged, that it has to be held back by powerful angels with in the manner of a bull ready to charge being held back, a fire that will come leaping at the wrong doers on Yawmul Qiyamah….

I ask Allah to help us to remember Him often, to dedicate our hearts to Him always, to purify our intentions before, during and after the big and small deeds we do throughout our living inshallah, and to repent to Him often, and to thank Him often and sincerely and deeply inshallah.

When Making Dua

Things to Consider when making DUA:


Ask Allah for what you DO want

Focus on the positive aspects you are looking for (help me to increase in honesty and truthfulness, help me to act what i say, to stand by my promises, etc)

Envision it completely then ask Allah to make it a reality (what does being truthful feel like/will bring into your life -> you will become reliable, trustworthy, etc)

Be excited for the posibilities within your dua (do go with the flow and follow your dua to the bigger picture… (i want to become an alim and a teacher, reliability and trustworthiness are necessary qualities, and they start with honesty and truthfulness…)

Do SEE the dua, write it down, let it be a SOLID/TOUCHABLE thing in your mind/on paper, then let it fly to Allah with the sincerety of a true and certain believer inshallah


Dont focus on the negative (help me to avoid hypocrisy)

Dont limit your dua (just being honest in such and such situation for example)

Dont bring in feelings of guilt into the dua, save that for repentance, in dua, ask for things that will strengthen and help you against committing sin and also improve your character and increase your closeness to Allah

Dont make promises or askf or ‘in exchange’ things/situations (again be positive, expect the best from Allah, trust He will give/answer/ rely on Allah for He is bigger/stronger/more able etc than your biggest need/desire for sure

The above are my thoughts based on an email I received, the contents of which are posted below:

Asalaamu Alaykum Mairismom,

Should you make dua to end a weakness? It’s common to hear duas like,

“O Allah, help me stop procrastinating” or “help me avoid hypocrisy.”

Here’s what ends up happening:

  1. Your heart focuses on a negative
  2. All you see is that weakness
  3. You associate guilt with your dua

Flip it on its head and ask for the complete opposite! Ask Allah (swt) for something you WANT, something you’re excited to see.

Even better, ask Allah for what it LOOKS like to be those things. Make your dua so concrete that you can SEE it before you.

Here’s how it transforms for you:

  1. Your heart sees what it wants
  2. You’re excited to make dua
  3. You know when your dua is answered

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level,

– Muhammad Alshareef

P.S. The heart wants what it SEES; so we’ll be working to write CONCRETE duas you can actually see. Register for Visionaire 2015 right here: www.VisionaireONLINE.com

Reasons to memorize the Quran

I will post at the bottom all the reasons but first… my reasons inshallah….

1. to get closer to Allah… the Quran is the Words of Allah for us and its the path given to us to help us get closer to Him

2. to please Allah…Allah likes that His words are read, reviewed, understood, taught and shared, used and applied daily, etc… reading the Quran pleases Allah

3. to learn about my purpose… the Quran delianates the purpose of creation and gives direction to the believer on how to be, what to do/not do, and clearly lights the way to Allah

4. to be reminded about the true reason I am here… the Quran was sent to be a reminder and to benefit the believer through the reading and the revision and the understanding of it alhamdulillah

5. to worship Allah… reading the Quran is a worship in of it self, full of rewards for myself, my heart and soul, my parents, those whom I come across, my home and family…

6. to be rewarded by Allah… Allah has promised that there is Mercy and Healing in the Quran and I want that for myself… and Rasul Allah salallahu alahye wasalaam has promised there is reward in each letter (Arabic) of each word recited from the Quran, further,there is reward in just listening to the Quran, in saying it, in being around it, in teaching it, in practicing its injunctions, in sharing it, in using it…

7. to grow in love of Allah…reading the Quran makes the heart soft, fills the believer with love of Allah, increases the certainty of the meeting with Allah and the desire to meet with Him while He is plaesed with you… I want to fill my heart with the heart of Allah, with His words and the rememberence of Him and the best and easiest way is by reading the Quran

8. to increase in beneficial knowledge and wisdom… the Quran teaches both the mind and the soul, improving the person’s understanding of various matters both tangeable and non and increases the wisdom when reflected upon alhamdulillah

9. to be purified… the Quran purifies the mind, the heart, the soul, and even the body from impure desires, actions, thoughts.. it stays the hand and lips from hurtful and harmful things, it keeps the believer close to right and good and far away from evil

10. to be protected… the Quran offers protection from unseen yet harmful enemies such as the Shayateen, it provides a veil between the reciter and those who are out to harm him, it protects the believer on yawmul Qiyamah from the fire and argues for him to enter Paradise…it also protects the mind from the whisperings that may come to it, from contemplating useless or outright harmful things, from depression and feelings of hopelessness….

I have more alhamdulillah but these are sufficient right?

Wait, let me add one more inshallah

11. to open up my world, to increase my horizons, to feel the vastness of reality… (very personal opinion here…)

Here’s a post about the benefits of memorizing/reciting Quran…May Allah allow you and I to benefit ameen

10 Reasons We Should Memorise the Qur’an

Allah the exalted says:

Indeed those who recite the Book of Allah and establish prayer, and spend (in His cause] out of what We have provided them, secretly and publicly, [can] expect a Transaction [i.e., profit] that will never perish” (Surah 35. Fatir, Verse 29)

Reciting the book of Allah is mentioned alongside establishing Salaah and spending in the way of Allah. This clearly shows us that reciting the book of Allah is among the best of good deeds.

Aboo Moosaa al-Asha’aree reported that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said, “The believer who recites the Qur’aan is like a citrus fruit – its fragrance is pleasing and its taste is sweet. The believer who does not recite the Qur’aan is like a dry date – it has no fragrance but its taste is sweet. The hypocrite who recites the Qur’aan is like a basil – its fragrance is sweet, but its taste is bitter. The hypocrite who does not recite the Qur’aan is like a colocynth – it has no smell, and its taste is bitter” (Muslim)

Aboo Moosaa al-Ash’aree reported that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said, “Part of Showing glory to Allaah is to show respect to a white-haired Muslim, and a carrier of the Qur’aan who does not exaggerate in it (i.e., overstep its bounds) nor ignore it (i.e., leave it), and a just ruler”(Aboo Dawoood)

Clearly from this hadith we can see that part of showing glory to Allah is to show respect to the memoriser of the Qur’an who is mentioned alongside a just ruler who is of the best of people.

The following are 10 reasons why we should all recite, practise upon and memorise the Qur’an as much as we can until our last breath:

1. Highest ranks of Jannah for the Memoriser of the Qur’an:

Ibn ‘Amr reported that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said:

“It will be said to the companion of the Qur’aan after he has entered Paradise, ‘Recite, and rise!’ For every verse he recites he will rise one level (in Paradise), until he recites the last verse with him (i.e., in his memory).” (Aboo Dawood)

This Hadith mentions the merit of those who memorize part or all of the Qur’an. Some scholars, in explaining this Hadith, have mentioned that the number of ranks (levels) in Paradise is equal to the number of ayahs (verses) in the Qur’an, and that a believer will rise one rank for each ayah (verse) that he or she memorizes. Obviously, the one who memorised the whole Qur’an will stop at the last verse of the Quran meaning they will be of those among the highest ranks of paradise.

Whoever memorizes Quraan and acts upon it, Allaah will reward him and honour him greatly for that, so that he will rise in status in Paradise to a level commensurate with what he memorized of the Book of Allaah.

Subhanallah! We should all memorise as much of the Qur’an as we can until our last breath for every ayah we memorise will result in higher ranks in Jannah!

2. The Highest Honour for the Parents of the Memoriser of the Qur’an

“Mu’aadh al-Juhani narrates that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said: ‘Whosoever recites the Quran and practices upon its injunctions, the reciter’s parents will be given a crown on the day of Qiyaamat. The brightness of that crown will be more intense than the brightness of the sun in your actual house.’

The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) further said: ‘What do you think will be given to the Hafiz (reciter) of the Quran himself?’” (Mishkaat Vol I.)

So not only will the Hafiz recieve rewards beyond comprehension but it will also mean the highest honour for the parents who will wear a crown on Qiyamat. We try so hard to make our parents proud in this world but imagine how proud they will be on that day. Subhanallah!

It was narrated that Buraydah said: “The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said: ‘Whoever reads the Qur’aan, learns it and acts in accordance with it, on the Day of Resurrection his parents will be given a crown to wear whose light will be like the light of the sun, and his parents will be given garments which far surpass everything to be found in this world. They will say, “Why have we been given this to wear?” It will be said, “Because your child learned the Qur’aan.”’”(Narrated by al-Haakim, 1/756)

So let us ALL be of those who are given such high honour on the day of judgement and encourage our children to become memorisers of the Qur’an. But those parents who prevented their child from learning the Qur’aan will be of those who lost out for eternity!

3. The best person is he who learns the Qur’an & teaches it

The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said: The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it. (Sahih Al-Bukhari)

4. The memoriser of the Qur’an is worthy of envy in this world

The memoriser of the Qur’an will is of two people who we should be envious of in this world:

Ibn ‘Amr reported that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said, “There is no cause to be envious except in two cases: (the first is of a) person whom Allaah has taught the Qur’aan, and he recites it in the day and night, and one of his neighbours hears him and says, ‘Woe to me! I wish I had been given what he has been given, then I would do what he is doing! (The second is of a) person whom Allah has blessed with wealth, and he spends it in good causes, so a person (who sees him) says, ‘Woe to me! I wish I had been given what he has been given, then I would do what he is doing!” (al-Bukhaaree)

5. Every letter the Memoriser of the Qur’an recites is rewarded ten times or more

The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said: “Whoever recites one Word from the Book of Allah will be rewarded for a good deed and ten more like it; and I don’t say that Alif Lam Mim is a letter but Alif is a letter and Lam is a letter and Mim is a letter” (Tirmidhi & Al-Dareemi)

So for every letter of the Qur’an the memoriser recieved a minimum or ten rewards and of course Allah can reward a person much more if he wants to. The Qur’an has over 6000 verses and each verse has so many alphabets. Can you imagine the number of alphabets the memoriser of the Qur’an recites. He will recite one verse again and again and has to continuously recite the Qur’an to keep it fresh in his heart. Surely he would have gained millions of rewards by completing the Qur’an just once. Thereafter he will go over a verse again and again in his mind and he would have recited the Qur’an again and again resulting in rewards beyong mathamatical calculations and our limited comprehension.

6. The Qur’an will intercede for the Memoriser of the Qur’an:

It was narrated that Abu Umaamah al-Baahili said:“I heard the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) say: ‘Recite the Qur’aan, for it will come on the Day of Resurrection to intercede for its companions. Recite the two bright ones, al-Baqarah and Soorat Aal ‘Imraan, for they will come on the Day of Resurrection like two clouds or two shades or two flocks of birds in ranks, pleading for those who recite them. Recite Soorat al-Baqarah for to take recourse to it is a blessing and to give it up is a cause of grief, and the magicians cannot confront it.” (Muslim: 804, Al-Bukhaari).

A day when we will be in great need of an intercession the Qur’an will intercede for the memoriser of the Qur’an.

7. Jannah for the one who memorised the Qur’an

Hadrat Ali (RA) reports that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said:

“Anyone who knows the Quran by heart and follows the lawful and the prohibited according to it, he will be sent to Heaven by Allah U.” (Tirmidhi).

As long as the memoriser of the Qur’an following the lawful and kept away from the prohibited then he will be granted Jannah.

8. A crown and garment of honour for the Memoriser of the Qur’an

Aboo Hurayrah reported that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said, “The Qur’aan will be brought on the Day of Judgement, and it will say, ‘O My Lord! Adorn him (the one who read and practised it)!’ So he will be adorned with the crown of glory and honour . It will then say, ‘O My Lord! Increase this!’ So he will be clothed with the clothes of glory and honour. Then it will say, ‘O My Lord! Be pleased with Him! So He (Allaah) will be pleased with him. It will be said, ‘Recite! And rise!’ and every verse he recites will bless him with a good deed” (at-Tirmidhee)

What an honour it would be when on such a day of terror the memoriser of the Qur’an would be given such a high honour and adorned with a crown and garment of glory and honour.

9. The Memoriser of the Qur’an will be saved from the fire

‘Ismah Ibn Maalik reported that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said: “If the Qur’aan is enclosed by skin (i.e., if a person memorises the entire Qur’aan), then Allaah will never burn it in the Fire (of Hell) (al-Bayhaqee)

10. Double reward for those who try hard to memorise the Qur’an

Aaishah that the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam) said: The likeness of the one who reads Quraan and memorizes it is that he is with the righteous honourable scribes. The likeness of the one who reads it and tries hard to memorize it even though it is difficult for him, he will have (at least) a double reward. (Al-Bukhaari, 4937)

So we must NEVER give up memorising the Qur’an even though we may struggle to learn a single verse for it maybe that shaythan will try hard to make a person give up knowing that he will recieve double rewards for it if he continues.

Allah rewards a person according to their intention and sincerety so if one is sincere and intends to learn the Qur’an and dies whilst doing so then it maybe that Allah may raise such a person amongst those who actually memorised the Qur’an. Subahanallah!

We must NEVER think we cannot do it because we can accomplish anything we want to accomplish. The only thing stopping us is ourselves! If an 82 year old Grandmother can memorise the entire Qur’an then why can’t any of us?

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May Allah enable us and our children to learn the Qur’an and implement it into our daily lives. Ameen

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