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Today felt a bit better in terms of accomplishing things, not that I got a lot done actually, but mentally. I argued with DH, and I liked it. Not because we argued, but because we didn’t let the argument shape our day, color our actions and responsibility, or affect the heart of our marriage. My personality type is the kind that takes things to heart so I’m working on not taking things personally, on not becoming overly emotional about everything, on remembering that my husband is not out to savage my heart or ruin my mood. I’m working to remember that things happens but those who love me aren’t sitting and plotting my destruction.

I know it sounds dramatic but I’m dramatic. I’m an idealist and I deal with the emotions and the hearts of people, not just their words. For me, words have to match actions, and actions have to follow ideals, and ideals have to be set and bound with purity. My personality type isn’t simple or simplistic and I’m trying to remember that most people aren’t like me. As I said, I was reading about personality types and am learning both my strengths and weaknesses, not as I see them but as others may perceive them, because it’s others I have to deal with, not myself. I don’t have internet right now so I can’t continue with my research but inshallah I plan to write more in depth about this subject inshallah.

Well, there’s lots to say really but the typing seems to be bothering my darling baby M who is sleeping so inshallah, more tomorrow. I’m going to try writing everyday a bit inshallah, so I don’t forget my thoughts etc. 


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